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Tips to Reduce Electricity Usage in the Home


Here are some easy tips for reducing your electricity use around your home. 

Unplug and Turn Off When Electronic are Not In Use

1. Turn of Electronic Devices

Turn off all of your electronic devices that are not being used. This includes your television, gaming systems, and entertainment devices.Unplugging some of these devices when they’re idle can also cutback on electricity use. 

Maintain Home Temperature's to Reduce Electricity

2. Keep Your Oven Door Closed 

Try to refrain from opening the oven door frequently. Your oven loses 68 degrees Fahrenheit every time you open it. 

3. Leave Your Thermostat Set Between 60-70 Degrees

Fahrenheit Heating your house uses a lot of energy so keep your thermostat turned down. When you lower your heat between 60-70 degrees. Fahrenheit you can lower your hearing bill by around 5% for every degree. Also wear an extra layer of clothing to keep yourself warm,and try not to leave individual heaters running too often in your house. 

Use Appliances Efficiently

4. Try Using a Microwave to Cook Small Portions

 Try to use a microwave when you have to reheat or cook small portions of food. Microwaves use a lot of energy, however, they doso over a shorter amount of time and in the end they energy. 

5. Be Sure to Replace Inefficient Light Bulbs

It’s important to change out incandescent light bulbs with more energy efficient CFL bulbs. Also, replace halogen spotlights with the longer lasting and efficient LED spotlights. 

6. Keep Liquids in the Fridge Covered 

Never leave liquids in the fridge uncovered. The evaporation causes your fridge to have to work harder. 

7. Use A Fully Loaded Dishwasher Rather Than Washing By Hand 

Always run a fully loaded and efficient dishwasher as this will use less hot water than washing dishes by hand.